SmartGlidr Licensing Information

We are seeking a licensing partner willing and able to take our 80% complete engineering model to production-ready, including manufacturing, logistics, and sales. We have several motivated distribution companies ready to market and sell this product to senior living, office, and home users!

Latest design and engineering CAD model of SmartGlidr Sport model.

Documentation available to interested parties:

• IP status including granted US patent (Pat. No. 11,040,239) 
• Current engineering and design status, including CAD models
• Total available market size and share of market
• Product value proposition for target markets
– Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Home, Office
• Competitive positioning including pricing
• Detailed competitive assessment
• Five year sales and growth projections including a go-to-market strategy
• Traction with multiple distribution companies (large, multi-national)
• Key project milestone and co-founder backgrounds
• Letters of support from doctors, therapists, wellness coordinators,
facility administrators, professors, and users

Please send us an email if you are interested in learning more!