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Most Asked Questions

Is this product available for purchase?

No. We are seeking a licensing partner to take on the final development and manufacturing of our product in order to bring it to market.

Are the co-founders available to support final product and business development?

Yes. We are committed to being a part of bringing this product to market.

What is your relationship with the interested distribution companies?

We have received strong interest from these companies after their internal review with clinical staff and customers. They each expressed interest in marketing and selling the product once it is manufactured.

Have you done any market studies to test purchase likelihood?

Yes. We did a market study with therapists at 30+ Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) and found that 9 out of 10 therapists said they were likely to purchase one or more SmartGlidr.

Do you have a business plan with financials?

Yes. We have a detailed business plan including sales and revenue projects for the first five years of production.

What is the suggested retail price for the SmartGlidr?

The suggested retail price for the SmartGlidr Sport model is $295 . The SmartGildr Pro model, which is bundled with several accessory products (foot straps, upper body handles, soft foot pads), is $595.