Our Story

We at Sollos LLC are creating rehab to home wellness solutions for older adults. This mission became a priority for us as we observed our parents struggling to stay active in their later years due to a lack of appropriate and affordable product options.

About Us

Mark D. Hildebrandt, President & CEO
Mark brings his considerable expertise in concept ideation and product development to a new line of fitness and rehabilitation products for the aging. A serial entrepreneur, Mark has spent the last 30 years focused on product innovation and development for the health care industry while, more recently, adding renewable energy and energy-efficient technology to his portfolio. He earned his Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in Health and Business from Western Michigan University. Mark began his career as one of the founding members of NuStep Inc., a company that designs and manufactures exercise equipment and, since then, has founded Grapperz LLC, which creates and markets cell phone accessory products, and Sunventrix LLC, a solar energy company.

“We just have to do better things for older people. Products currently available seem so antiquated – some of the design hasn’t changed in 50 years. This is a field that’s ripe for the kind of innovation that takes into account the wellness needs of the aging individual.”

Dan Koester, Vice President of Business Development
Dan brings more than 25 years of innovation strategy and research capabilities to a new line of fitness and rehabilitation products for the aging. His undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, both from the University of Michigan, have shaped his professional life with a “whole brain” blend of creative and systematic thinking and a unique approach to innovation. Dan began his career as a Rehabilitation Engineer, designing adapted mobility and computing systems. He also collaborated with physicians on user performance and product design for the elderly. Switching careers, Dan spent 23 years in the automotive industry, focusing on innovation and product development. Now, as VP at Sollos™ LLC, Dan has returned to his original focus on health care and is researching and developing fitness and rehabilitation products for a growing population of over-50 individuals.

“In my career, I’ve tried to find a balance between business success, and doing work that benefits society. I’m happiest working on products that have an impact on people who are in need – underserved populations, like many in the aging population.”

President, CEO – COFOUNDER

Mark Hildebrandt

• Founding member of NuStep
• VP, R&D at NuStep for 22 years
• MS in Kinesiology
• BS in Health & Business.

VP Business Development – COFOUNDER

Dan Koester

• Co-founder, Wheelchair Seating Service
• 23 year R&D automotive industry career
• MFA in Industrial Design
• BS in Mechanical Engineering


Mark and Dan formed Sollos LLC in 2017 with a mission to create health and wellness products for the aging community.