SmartGlidr for Rehab & Wellness

SmartGlidr is available to license for Manufacturing and Sales.
Patent No. 11,040,239


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Please view our SmartGlidr video demonstration below:

SmartGlidr demo using our first production intent prototype.

SmartGlidr Demo

Introducing the SmartGlidr, a new product designed for the senior living community providing portable, affordable, and versatile therapeutic exercise from a seated position.

With its low starting efforts and user determined glide distance, even those with limited ROM and conditioning can get moving!

The portable, affordable, and versatile SmartGlidr is a perfect addition to any therapy department, memory care or wellness center.

It is also ideal for low impact exercise at home!

Latest design and engineering CAD model of SmartGlidr Sport model.

Features & Benefits

Lightweight and portable design
– bring rehab and exercise directly to your patients
Smooth connected motion
– lets unaffected side assist affected side
User-determined 13” ROM with indicators
– lets users make and see improvements
Adjustable resistance levels
– supports highly deconditioned to able bodied
Low-to-floor foot platforms
– easy to setup and use by user or therapist
Large electronic display
– easy-to-read display tracks improvement
No patient transfer required
– use safely in a seated position from a wheelchair

SmartGlidr Accessories for Therapy

Foot Straps secure feet on the platforms,
slide fore and aft, and stow away when
not in use.
Flip-up foam handles for upper body use; shoulder injury, stroke, TBI rehab.
Soft foot pads destabilize the gliding motion for safe, seated fall prevention program.